How to Be Single and yet Feel Fulfilled (without loneliness) | โสดอย่างไรให้ไม่เหงา (VDO)

I have been single for X years (numbers are of ego and honestly I don’t remember much of the past, like a goldfish:) yet it’s been a learning journey that I write in my journal as I stay in sleeping dragon pose in yin yoga to accept my feelings. Sometimes seeing all good friends got married and settled down to have a family, little bank feels left out in the society and social group. Breathing deeply accepting every feeling and journaling are some beautiful ways to transmute it into no-thing. Then I feel light again.

The way out is in and also through.

Another quick tips is demonstrated in the following VDO… the key is to practice deep looking into who you ultimately are and how loved and how complete you are by your Self.

As the majority of the collective energy of humanity tend to have a pattern of feeling lack and not enough, male attracts female, gay attracts gay, lesbian attracts female and so on… its based on duality of form and not to mention the need to pass on the form based identity to next generation (have sex and kids with same last names, even the same religion with parents). Positive attracts negative, magnetically speaking.

So, the awakening daily practice of seeing your Self in everyONE and everything will transmute your loneliness into expansive, inclusive love & acceptance because in everyone and everything are composed of No-thing 99.99999999%. You will feel you are one with everything and simultaneously (paradoxically to the brain) you are also no one with nothing.

Would you breathe deeply and know that without space in your ears, you wouldn’t be who you are… without space in your stomach you wouldn’t digest… without space between your eyes and this screen (or this book) you wouldn’t feel the spacious truth my heart communicates through vibrational words and vdo.


หนทางออกทางเดียวคือทางเข้า คือ ต้องเข้าไปข้างใน แล้วต้องผ่านออก

A little deep-vibrational gift for the awakening ONE within YOU…

“I deeply understand and I love your loneliness, please breathe deeply, surrender to the Light and shine light of awareness to kiss your dark secrets with me, my child.”


“เรารักเจ้าและพร้อมที่จะโอบกอดความเหงาของเจ้า… จงสูดหายใจลึกๆ และฉายแสงสว่างของ #โยคะตื่นรู้ ความรักองค์รวมนี้ไปจุมพิตทุกความรู้สึกที่ซ่อนและเก็บกดอยู่ แล้วให้เขาศิโรราบต่อแสงสว่างของพระเจ้า/ธรรมะชาติ/พ่อแม่จักรวาลที่รัก เถิด”

So… my dear reading single one, may YOU look deeply and see your spacious Self (YOU-niverse) in everyone and know that you don’t need to sign a contract to make other sexual energy to make you happy and have kids to pass on your form-based (DNA) identity…

But if you are destined to have found the partner, you can play with that (I am not against that, wholeheartedly respect the play:) as long as you always re-member who you truly are but know that if you are meant to be single you are already loved, whole and complete. You are meant to read and feel this Unfathomable Truth:

( ( ( Much Love ) ) )

~ Breathe (or Bank) โพธิรักษ์ แสงสว่าง

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