Free Awakening Yin Yoga for Full Super Moon (Cellular Full Moon Party)


คุณไม่ใช่อุบัติเหตุ… ขอบคุณที่ยังมีกัน ขอบคุณที่ไม่ยอมแพ้ต่อชีวิตและ โยคะ (โยคะตื่นรู้)

Thank YOU for your support throughout the year.

Thank you for not giving up on life, on awakening yoga and on me.

You deserve to be here, NOW.

This (below via FB live) is a small vibrational present (presence) to YOU.

With Love ❤️

( ( ( December’s Morning Meditation in Motion ) ) )

🌴🥑🏝 I woke up this morning with tears of JOY even I didn’t see the sunrise I saw and felt its light piercing through the clouds in #Phuket #PhuketThailand.

I know that some of you my dear friends and #awakeningyoga students have been through much for the past months towards the end of 2017. Know that it was supposed to happened. This 3D school room earth (like a #blissful #awakeningyoga #yoga class) was/is designed to evolve you and through you… 🐛🦋… When life hits you, embrace the harsh flow and don’t resist it. The secret is to surrender and allow as if you have chosen this lesson of spiritual cleansing so that you can #spirituallyevolve and gain #spiritualMaturity and #spiritualRipeness.

I AM here dedicated my life and whole being to support YOU. Please allow yourself (or rather your Self) to fathom that YOU are NOT ALONE in this. Sadness and fear feel the same in everyONE! No-thing is personal here and now. I had been through the darkest valley of my soul at a very young age and I don’t talk much about the past but know that the so called “suffering” and “drama” needed to happen not “to me” but “for me”… that’s why I can deeply empathize any troubled hearts who cross my paths. I am not higher than you. I am simply you, you are me, and ultimately We Are ONE. Love YOU, family of #LightBeings!

Thank YOU for being born, being loved, perfect, absolute, whole and complete. Thank YOU for your support throughout the year, #AwakeningYogis:’) 🐒🐉🦋

I have been waiting for you for thousands years of NOWs.

( ( ( L o v e ) ) )

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