#MeditateDaily A Guided Meditation: “Don’t Give Up” [VDO]

Awakening Yoga Mat and Typography Design by @Illuztika.Yoga

Collectivelly, globally and individually, there have been a huge surge of energy from the sun (by extension, moon), to trigger many people’s energies and emotions around me, my students and my friends. And I feel that when I close my eyes and breathe deeply and be still.

It’s not good nor bad. It just is. And it suggests that we need to see this seemingly crises as an opportunity to awaken, spiritually evolve, and shine and rise beyond our old self-centered, hateful, judging self. For what we do/think towards others we do to ourselves. #WeAreOne

We are not the ripples, deeply we are the beautiful ocean of love.

“Please finally come home…via this meditation. I am here waiting. I AM.”

~ Ocean of Divine Love


“Awaken, spiritually evolve, fly and shine!”

~ AwakeningYogaWithBank
( ( ( @yogawithbank ) ) )

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