#PrivateWithBank: Blissful Magic Ball Practice

“The Magic Dragon Ball of Energy” (beginner variation) by @YogaWithBank 
 After a private #AwakeningYoga session with Khun Muay’s beautiful mom, I felt and was touched by the big shift from her…

At the end of the session she was in teary eyes saying that she finally felt what I said. I was touched by her Light and emanation and felt teary as I gave her a healing hug. Saying,

‘Mother, you are with me, everything is perfectly blissful & OK. You’ve been through a lot for the past 80years, thank you for being here fully with me… Thanks for being born divine, and never giving up:’)’

NOW, here’s how you can (TRY) practice on chair or even while in traffic:
1⃣ Sit (upright with natural curvatures along the spine) on the 1/3 part of the chair, knees hip-with apart, palms opened upwards receiving as you breathe deeply and close your eyes. Feeling the moving atoms and energy on your finger tips.

2⃣After a minute or so slowly lift up ur palms facing each other in front of ur heart or belly, pretending you are holding the energetic fluffy ball. Inhale ball is becoming bigger as your diaphragm pushes your belly out.

3⃣ Inhale, as u draw your belly into your spine, pretend to slowly squeeze the ball to make it a bit smaller.

*Repeat step 2-3 for about 1-2minutes.

4⃣Gently lower your hands down on your thighs or knees and settle your energy as you feel and enjoy every arising sensations with bliss and full acceptance of the Waterfall of Love and Present Moment, all ever IS.
You are Worth It All.
( ( ( D i v i n e L o v e ) ) )
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