Secret Revealed! | Daily-Nightly Meditative Visualization for Lucid Dream(less) Sleep

(สำหรับนักเรียนไทย รบกวนฝึกแปลดูนะครับ;)
Dear Beautiful Readers,

“Make deep, cleansing breathing and the Presence Moment your FIRST priority at every moment. Then observe how your life becomes more aligned, at peace and vibrant.”

~Awakening Yoga with Bank #AwakenOrDie

Ready for a ride HOME???

Thank YOU for being here. Now. Breathing. Reading. Please don’t give up on those. Thank YOU.

You know… many of my students asked me to share a secret for the blissful, calm presence I radiate during the yoga/meditation sessions. The following video playlist below is the secret, well, not anymore;)

If you are no longer physically near me, you left Thailand because you need to go home and take care of your business, know that I made this gift for you. I’ve missed you yet we are always connected as ONE :’)

Moreover, know that I’m not higher than you nor lower, I’m still learning and even if some of you honored me as a young, 20-something teacher that I got this far, and they can not wait until I’m fully enlighten, please know that WE are already whole and complete… and never set up a new religion after I physically die. Even the EGO wants to hold on to such worldly concepts and ideas of identity (‘I am his student, follower, etc.’). We need to transcend such attachment to “religion”, “spirituality” (positive attachment), even “anti-religion” (negative attachment: ‘I am an Atheist.’) because it create separation! Simply go beyond and within and GROW UP, Humanity :’)

I hope you use your heart with these words and VDO. I made this and share this with all my heart. {Please use in-ear headphone.}

Good night! Have a wonderful day ahead!

Meditation-Visualization Tips:
1. Use Headphone & Sit up tall (natural S-shaped spine)
2. Turn off the lights
3. Make it full screen
4. Slowly breathe in and out along with each picture. ((( 1-in, 1-out )))
5. Get ready for the indescribable (( BLISS )) & (( JOY ))

May you have courage to realize you are already born with wings. I’m not here to teach you anything, but pointing to your hidden wings.

But it’s your choice to ‘open’ ~ ‘spread’ your wings and fly…

Deep down, you know how to, trust me :’)

After meditating with this video, please feel free to contact me (inbox) if you want a private meditation/yoga class. I deeply love YOU and the LIGHT within YOU.

With all my heart,
~Awakening Yoga โยคะตื่นรู้กับครู Bank @ Facebook

( ( ( Unconditional LOVE ) ) )

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