AwakenWithBank101: Conscious Driving with the Magic Ball #MustReadForAllDrivers

My dear readers and students,

Have you ever experienced traffic jam in big cities like Bangkok, yet still trying your best NOT to get frustrated and check your “smart” phone for the feel-good-to-EGO ‘notifications’?

Have you ever faced with unconsciously raging drivers on the road cutting in front of you or flashing the light or blowing big horn behind you as if he was going to hit you if you didn’t get out of his/her way?

Are you on your journey to drama-free, ego-less, blissful awaken lifestyle but there are some people on the road testing your level of grace and love?



Let’s sustain this level of awareness together by practicing the ‘free’ techniques I share on my youtube channel.

It’s time…

for humanity to awaken or die

It’s time…

for those who are enthusiastic about “changing the world” to realize that true lasting change only comes from within!

It’s time…

to clean up the inner mess, childish road rage, and unnecessary deaths, especially on the road as a driver.
May WE transcend the auto-embedded “I-am-right-you-are-wrong” thought patterns!

Making others wrong and Yourself Rite to boost your EGO is, well, spiritually childish, unnecessary, unevolved, and pathetic.

You are already Whole in essence.

Stop the drama inner and outer. Take responsibility to clean up the inner mess before going out to change the world…or change others!

Promise me to breathe deeply while you watch this following boring VDO that I will share these techniques for FREE…

1. Ujjayi Breathing Technique 

2. Magic Ball of Divine Energy

It’s my hope that a few viewers who are touched by this post may share it forward with those they love…

( ( ( I LOVE YOU ALL ) ) )

I know deep down YOU love me too:’)

Thank YOU for being YOU, HERE, NOW!

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