The Floating Savasana: Grace Yourself with Spaciousness 

Dear Friends & Students of Light…

Apart from seated meditation and savasana, have you ever tried ‘floating meditation’ which may dangerously (to ur EGO) lead to deep bliss, Satori, Enlightenment, Kingdom of God, or Peace that passes all understanding in every cell of your body???

“What the heck are those?”, some of you and your inner voice may ask:)

I would like to respectfully answer such question with a question for you to meditate upon…

“Air, oxygen, carbon? What’s that?”, asked a bird or a tree.

“Water? What’s the freak is that?!?”, asked by a seashell, fish.

“Ocean??? What the heck is that???!!?>!”, asked by a Wave aka. Ripple.

(   (  (  S  p a  c  e  )   )  )





NOW, please let me know what happened to U, just a moment ago, maybe in a comment? :’)

The following was my review for Theta State Float Center, right in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand:

As a meditator, yoga instructor, I always wondered how this would uplift and help deepen my practice apart from seated and lying-down meditation which I’m always already content. Yet, what I found out was that it gave you such a different experience with zero-gravity environment.

Most people said it was going to be boring in the first 15min but as a (human) being who loves being in Silence and Solitude, I managed to get my spine, especially my neck, cervical curvature, comfortable within the first 10min and then I applied savasana variations and breathing techniques (see more on my Youtube page below and Subscribe, maybe?:) to optimize my experience.

The result was meditatively LIBERATING!!!

As the light piercing down through my forehead, I felt like the Divine embracing me with Pure LOVE and brought me back to my mother’s womb again… like a time machine of Grace and Love. (Blissful music at the beginning and the end was so soothing:)

I felt more uplifted, light, embraced, loved, revitalized, transparent, well-balanced , and blown away by such blissful JOY :’)

And of course, I’d definitely would like save up and go back for the 2nd float and more. Special thanks khun Joy for such an amazing, warm welcome and service. Did I mention they have amazing organic shower gel and shampoo after your float and the healthy honey green tea at the end? Well, they do:) I will be sharing the techniques I used in savasana HERE below on my Youtube Channel… It’s called the “the Awakening Ball of Light”, at least to me.

( ( ( PURE LOVE & LIGHT ) ) )

(In the following VDO, I used the techniques while driving (apart from teaching #AwakeningYoga classes) but we can apply it lying down as well:)

Blissful serenity after the float! :'D
Blissful serenity after the float


2 thoughts on “The Floating Savasana: Grace Yourself with Spaciousness 

  1. Answer to your question: I understand now that it is something lies within me, within everyone. But, how to get to feel that, is the question.

    The floating stuff looks amazing by the way, will like to try it one day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Safe trip to BKK Kub:)

      We can discuss more about these deep stuff after the class next time krub:)


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