Not Religious AND Not Spiritual!

She speaks for me. Divine outside the label box:’)

New Heaven on Earth!

Frozen Frozen

Not “religious”……not “spiritual”………not “spiritual but not religious”…….not “religious but not spiritual”

No labels…

No boxes…

Consuming Fire of God, let your fire consume all that is false or man-made or on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil…

Religion is static….written in stone…… old covenant……theology of separation…external, literal, habitual, geographical, biological, cultural, life-style, social, political…

We don’t want spirituality….we want to be reconciled, back in perfect harmony in Relationship with our Source…. Spiritually Married to the Lover of our souls…one with True Love…perfectly one with Perfect Love….our soul yearns to be married to the Spirit of God…our body, soul, spirit wants to be reconnected with our First Love….one with the Creator of heaven and earth….our soul longs to be remarried to our spiritual Husband, our Maker!

ocean depths

Our soul wants to find its Beloved! Our Beloved is wooing our soul! Heaven is conspiring to put lover and Beloved…

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